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Laurie 1987

In honor and memory of Laurie Comen

...her creativity, her beauty, her Spirit

I love and miss you so much xoxo

April 17, 1959 -June 14, 2005

Laurie 2005

Laurie 1987 e-mail: Laurie 2005

One of A Kind Wearable Art and Keepsakes


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A powerful, boldnecklace
made from large barrel
shaped turquoise with
vintage brass (circa 1960's)
beads, finished with a
sterling silver toggle

Black bear clawsmake the
statement here....with barrel
shaped turquoise and
textured sterling beads.

Turquoise andpearls play off of
each other in this stunning,
 rustic, yet elegant necklace...
sterling silver beads set off each
bead...sterling silver toggle
clasp is the end all here.

Huge turquoisependant captures
 the eyes and then is drawn up
 to the neck by the textures and
colors of the sterling silver,
hematite and turquoise beads...
the pendant has many figures
 of animals in the black matrix--
just keep turning it to find more
 and more hidden in it...










Threespectacular nuggets
and vintage brass
(circa 1960's) are all I need
to say about this piece...

The photo saysit all--
turquoise and hematite.

Twisted! largeswirling hematite
 beads are the center-piece and
 swirling turquoise beads encircle
 the, copper colored
pearls and sterling beads set
off each bead....

I call this my "½  & ½"style...
a pewter shark tooth, turquoise,
 onyx and sterling silver.










Eye-poppinglarge blue
turquoise beads (8mm) with
black matrix running
through it...hematite
 barrels play off the black
matrix, while sterling
silver makes each bead stand
out...a unique "S" hook
 is the clasp of choice...

On a braidedleather "chain",
 hangs a vintage turquoise
 (circa late 1960's) and sterling
 silver pendant...the leather braid
is topped off with sterling silver
cones and a sterling silver
lobster claw clasp.

8 mm brightblue  turquoise
with black matrix is paired
off with onyx and
sterling...and of course,
 matching earrings.

Both of thesenecklaces are
made on memory wire (and in
my opinion, is the best
 invention since ice cream).
Memory wire is what it sounds
like. It remembers its 'shape'.
Plus, the best part of it is
that after 5 minutes, you do not
feel the necklace at just 
floats around your neck, looking
 beautiful. You don't feel
like you are being strangled,
or weighed down. And both
necklaces are made with
turquoise and hematite beads.
Earrings match, but can be
bought separately.










Five gorgeousgreen
turquoise nuggets are the
centerpiece here...and look
at the detail in the sterling
beads---texture on texture.
The bracelet is made of an
 assortment of randomly
picked turquoise...the
earrings are also green
 turquoise, with an unusual
Balinese sterling bead--
looks like a mid-evil mace ball..

Here again isthat eye-popping
 blue & black turquoise, this time
 with an absolutely stunning
 Balinese sterling bar in the center...
what a stunner.

Double Deckerchoker on
 memory wire...robins egg turquoise
 with Balinese sterling spacers and
 beads...unusual and beautiful.

Large antiqueChinese turquoise
 beads (14mm), squared textured
 Balinese sterling and hematite
 beads (8mm)....and of course,
 a toggle clasp.


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